Preventing and controlling viruses, we are together


      This is an unprecedented war. Human beings all over the world face this same enemy, the new coronavirus. The first battlefield is hospitals, and medical workers are our fighters. This time is a big challenge for human beings in the era of globalization. At this time, only part of you and me, sharing resources, experiences and lessons, is our only chance to win. What we really need to do is not isolation, but cooperation.    --by 《Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment》

              COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS
heartPersonal cleaning
     Always keep your hands clean, especially before         touching your mouth, nose, and eyes.

     Wash your hands frequently with hand sanitizer         and running water, rub your hands for at least             20s, and dry them with a paper towel.

     Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue  when          you sneeze or cough, discard the used tissue in a        covered trash can, and then clean your hands              thoroughly
hearttry to avoid
     Reduce access to crowded places. If unavoidable,       surgical masks should be worn.

     Avoid visiting hospitals, if unavoidable, wear               surgical masks and pay attention to personal and       hand hygiene at all times.

     Avoid contact with wild animals, birds or their             droppings, avoid seafood, live poultry markets or       farms.

     Don't take a close look and visit restaurants that         offer wildlife.

     Pay attention to food safety and hygiene, and             avoid eating or using raw or undercooked animal       products, including milk, eggs, and meat
heartSee a doctor as soon as possible
     If you feel unwell, especially if you have a fever or      cough, wear a surgical mask and see a doctor as        soon as possible

yesStay at home as soon as possible, wash your               hands frequently, ventilate, and disinfect the             home. You can choose 75% alcohol and 84               disinfection water (the two cannot be used                 together, and the same use will produce                     chemical reactions that cause poisoning). 
yesDo not over disinfect.Have to go out and choose       to walk, private car or taxi, wear a mask, wear             protective clothing, and bring goggles.

yesDisinfect your jacket when you get home. 
yesDo not attend parties and group activities. 
yesDispose of masks properly.

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